Frequently asked questions

Any person over 25 years old and a driving licence type B1 (Passenger cars) obtained at least two years ago is allowed to drive a motorhome. You will also benefit from our insurance policy.

In order to prepare the documentation, we need the name of every potential driver and a copy of their driving license at the moment of the signature of the rental contract.

Motorhomes are driven as any other passenger car, with just a few particularities

  • Height and width: You need to know the height and width of the motorhome and you should be aware of the traffic signs limiting both, as we rarely pay attention to them when driving our car. Motorhomes show a sticker in the driver area reminding you these limits. You should also be especially careful while driving in towns and underground car parks, and also check the gauge limitations at the toll barrier in motorways.
  • Speed limits: From January 1, 2019, the speed limits for motorhomes are as follows:
    • 120 Km/h in freeways and highways
    • 90 Km/h in conventional roads
    • 50 Km/h in towns

You should adapt the speed to any additional speed limiters, an also to the traffic and weather conditions, especially with strong wind.

According to the Spanish regulation (as in the European regulation), you can park your motorhome in the same places as conventional cars. But camping is not allowed, except in designated areas.

Parking allows you to :

  • Eat or sleep inside your vehicle, as the internal use is private.
  • Raise the roof and open skylights which don’t exceed the vehicle perimeter.
  • Place chocks in case of inclined or sloped terrain.

You are not allowed to :

  • Place levelling feet or similar elements.
  • Use chairs, tables, extended awnings, etc.
  • Produce emissions or fluids, pollutant or not.
  • Harmful conduct for public health, as wastewater draining.
  • Producing annoying noises during resting hours.

You should be aware of the possible size limitations set for some public parking areas. /strong>.

Our motorhomes include a fully comprehensive insurance, although there is a deductible of 1000€; this means that any damage to the motorhome caused by the client up to 1000€ will be discounted to the deposit.

For this reason, we check any possible damages in the vehicle at the moment of collecting it in order to avoid confusion at the time of return.

The insurance covers theft of personal clothes and some basic items.

In the event of failure or malfunction, you should contact us so we can inform you of the closest car repair shop to make the corresponding repairs.

Should the failure not be repaired immediately, your vehicle would count on a travel assistance service and you would be relocated in a hotel close to the car repair shop.

In case the repairs took several days, the assistance service would pay for the trip back to the passengers’ origin place.

SERVICE HOURS: Collecting time is from 8:00 am on the day agreed in your contract. You should return the motorhome before 20:00. Should you need a special schedule, an advance notification is required. Please be aware that the explanation of the motorhome instructions and the revision at the collection and return will take about one hour.

CONDITION: The motorhome is provided perfectly clean, outside and inside, and it includes household goods and full fuel tank and water deposit. The motorhome must be returned in the same condition as it was provided.

PLACE: Both the delivery and the return will take place in the place of the contract. Please see our web for location.

YOUR CAR: Your car will stay in the same location where you collect your motorhome until your return without any extra costs.

DELAY IN RETURNING THE MOTORHOME: Any delay in returning the vehicle, unless authorized by TOUR AUTOCARAVANAS SL or due to force of majeure, will be penalized with a rate per day three times higher than the one charged in the rental contract.

EXTENDING YOUR STAY: Should you wish to extend your stay, you must inform TOUR AUTOCARAVANAS prior to the termination date of your contract. The request will be subject to approval depending on availability. Therefore, the company accepts no responsibility nor prior obligation on this issue.

The motorhome rental includes as household goods the bed sheets and kitchenware, but not towels. The detail is as follows:

 Depending on the number of passengers, a complete set of dishes, forks, spoons teaspoons, knifes, glasses and mugs.

 A kitchen set consisting of 1 frying pan, 1 cooking pot, 1 saucepan, 1 bowl, 1 chopping board, 1 kitchen cloth, polymer kitchen utensils and 3 kitchen knives.

 A set of bed sheets for any one of the beds consisting of a sheet, a duvet and a pillow.

 A mattress for each bed.

Should you need advice about what to carry, how to organize the clothes, food, entertainment, and so on, please do not hesitate to contact us at, we will be pleased to help you.

 Mop and bucket

 Telescopic broom

 A basic first-aid kit


 12m nylon hose for water

  Water hose adapter

 10m Electric extension cable Male/Female

 Electric adapter

 Kit of tyre puncture repair system

 Levelling chocks

 19’’TV Monitor de 19" with TDT, Divx, Mp4 and USB and controller

 150 litres fridge

 3 controls cooker and wide cupboards

 A complete set of dishes, forks, spoons teaspoons, knifes, glasses and mugs for the maximum number of passengers inside the motorhome.

  A kitchen set consisting of 1 frying pan, 1 cooking pot, 1 saucepan, 1 bowl, 1 chopping board, 1 kitchen cloth, polymer kitchen utensils and 3 kitchen knives.

 A mattress and a mattress protector for each bed

 Propane bottles

 Chemical toilet tank

Motorhomes are standard vehicles with diesel engines, As in any other conventional car, you can check the standard data in the dashboard, as diesel level and consumption.

With regard to the power consumption, motorhomes are completely autonomous vehicles, which do not need to be plugged to the power network as they count with a battery and solar panels for recharging it. However, if you wanted to use high consumption appliances, you would need to be connected to the power supply. There are many camping areas and motorhome parks offering this service at a very low cost.

The fridge and the heating use gas, and the motorhome is supplied with enough gas for several weeks.

Water is available in a 100 litres deposit. It will give you an autonomy 4-5 days. You can refill the deposit in any petrol station, camping and motorhome areas or water fontains. The motorhome is provided with a supply hose and several nozzles.

Prior to starting your trip:
  • Plan your destination and enjoy what you may find there. Remember the days you have available and the kilometres you need to drive
  • Study your roadmap and look for places to tour. Round trips are also good to visit places. You do not need to do the way back in one go.
On the road:
  • Learn to travel without schedules
  • Look for safe and beautiful places, on your own or with other motorhomes.
  • Remember that many towns have size limitations (length, width and height).
  • If it is your first time in a motorhome, try a short stay and not too far from home.
  • You can explore where to go in apps as Google Earth or Google Maps so you can get an idea and look for places to stop or spend the night…It is fun!